I Am Your Cure


Wrap me in your whirlwind magic and surround me in your light and color. You are my vision and I am your cure.

Love Inside Me


Love has seemingly escaped my grasp once more.

This time I allow it to fall like dead flowers from my hands to the floor.

My mind is stripped of its very essence and my soul is cleansed.

My heart vibrates with neutrality and effortlessly seeking no more.

My soul is fulfilled as I am the source it sought.

The love I am seeking has been within and forever remains so.

Madness encircled me and with such veracity it contained.

The lion within my heart has forever been tamed.

The eternal love I sought was with me all along, severed but not torn.

My internal but forgotten seamstress repaired it all.

Magic is within me and light had been re-born.

Love no longer escapes me as I am the love I forever sought.