Heather Muno Siebenaler found her love for photography shortly after graduating college.  Her father gave her her first 35mm film camera as a graduation gift.  This love carried through her adult life as she enjoyed photographing her 3 beautiful children.  She was quickly drawn toward nature, trees in particular.  They are so magical and filled her with inspiration and intrigue.  She also loves photographing people.  When she focuses on you, she is able to draw out your inner beauty, as though the lens captures your very soul.  

Heather's passion and ultimate desire is to inspire the viewer.  She wants to draw them into the photograph and provide a connection to their very soul.  In doing this, she intuitively and intentionally attaches unique vibrational and healing energy to each photograph.  Her desire is to assist the viewer by providing positive and inspirational messages within the art.  

Heather is an inspirational and motivational speaker who teaches people to find inspiration in the little things. Heather also possesses healing and intuitive energy and loves to assist others in finding their extraordinary self.